Hi, my name is Jim but you can call me the “Mexico Insurance Guru“. My company started offering Mexican Car Insurance since 2002 in Arizona and today we cover the entire United States and Canada. Over the years we have sold a lot of policies, educated the visitors, and helped clients with their Mexico Insurance claims. We have been a top producer in the Mexican Auto, Motorcycle, RV, and Boat Insurance industry, as a mater fact, in the United States.

For the first time ever I’ve decided to share everything that I’ve leaned and experienced over the last 8 years in the Mexico Insurance business with you. In addition, I am providing our customers and visitors a place to share their real live Mexican Insurance travel stories and experiences to help educate others.

I have checked out the Mexican Insurance Online competition and the Mexican Border shops and they are truly different from GotMexico.com! I have invested our profits in creating a complete solution that will teach you absolutely everything and I mean everything you need to know about Mexico Insurance and this comes from a guy who has seen and heard a lot of Mexico Insurance horror stories.

I wouldn’t let a good friend or family member buy Mexico Car Insurance without the information in this website and I hate to see people get cheated and exposed to risk by buying a lame Mexico Insurance policy. The old adage “Cheaper is Cheaper” and “You Get What You Pay For” is really true in the Mexico Insurance industry. The sad part is many consumers buy policies without doing any research and they end up with less coverage for the same amount they would have paid for a great policy. My GotMexico.com is the solutions that will ensure you can buy Mexican Auto, Motorcycle, RV, and Boat Insurance from A.M. Best Rated Mexican Insurance Companies, stay current on travel conditions in Mexico and most important learn from the real life experiences of other that have purchased and used their Mexico Insurance.

To your enjoyable and safe travel,

Jim “The Mexico Insurance Guru

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