Baja Trip – Can AM X3 (Max) Folks

Steve it putting on another great trip to Baja. Make sure you are protected and get the right Mexico Auto insurance policy. We offer the top 5 companies and best coverage around. We have been around for over 15 years and are here to help you with any questions you have. See my Mexico Auto Insurance Tips!

My new X3 Max DS is getting some big upgrades and excited to see the shock therapy results!

MEXICO INSURANCE TIP 1: Whether you buy through my website or another, please make sure to always pick the policy with all the green checkmarks all the way down for the broadest coverage. Have seen my share of claims and paying a few extra dollars can save you a lot of money and headaches!

Mexico Insurance TIP 2: Always carry a copy of your policy on you or your phone, and one in the vehicle. If you vehicle is stolen, you must report the claim from that location. Had one person come back to the US and tried to make the claim and he ended having to return to rocky point area.

Mexico Insurance TIP 3: Make sure to always take the MexVisit/Med Evac (there are variations on name) option for evacuation as it only costs a few dollars and can save you thousands (see why below) in the event of a loss. It is usually included on short-term policies, but If you buy 6 or 12 months, it may be separate option, so pay attention and make sure to purchase the option.WHY? We had one person come to us on a referral from an insurance agent and we advised them to take the MexVisit option at the time and they said we do not need that coverage and did not purchase. They had a family member that ended up rolling the vehicle in the Rocky Point area and was seriously hurt, and they requested a helivac evacuation and it was denied. In the end they hired an ambulance for $10K+ to get the family member back to the border from the Mexico hospital. BAD SITUATION THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOID FOR A FEW $.

Mexico Insurance TIP 4: If you will be in Mexico more than 20 days look at a 6 or 12 month policy as 20 days is usually the break even point where the 6 or 12 month policy is more cost effective. Also if you plan on making multiple trips in the year, another reason to consider a 6 or 12 month policy. You also have to factor in the value of your vehicle and if your towing your UTV. The 6 and 12 month pricing is listed right below the daily price you requested.

Mexico Insurance TIP 5: When you have a Mexico Insurance Policy, the policy will usually provides at no additional cost liability coverage for what you are towing. IT MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE VEHICLE for coverage to apply. Once you disconnect the trailer, it is no longer covered.Mexico Insurance Companies are now starting to offer additional full coverage for the trailer and vehicle(s) (car, suv, pickup, motorcycle, utv, atv…) being trailered.

Mexico Insurance TIP 6: Make sure to list all the drivers and if you have someone under 21 driving MAKE SURE YOUR LIST THEM. Jim how do I list other drivers as there is only room for one person. Just add the names to the first name, Middle and last name. For example 1: First Name: Jim Kreisman Middle Name: Joe Utv Last Name: Linda Canam Example 2: First Name: Jim and Suziy Kreisman

Mexico Insurance TIP 7: What will I need to get a policy? Make sure to have your insurance information as they require you to have US/Canada full coverage to get Mexico Insurance full coverage.1. Have you current insurance information and vin number2. If you have a lien/lease your will want to have their insurance mailing address information if you choose to put on policy. Make sure to check as some lienholders and leasing companies have limitations on Mexico travel.3. Your driver’s license information

Mexico Insurance TIP 8: DO I NEED MEXICO INSURANCE? Yes it is required by law and the new minimum liability limits is $300,000. In Mexico if you are involved in an accident and there are injury, you better hope you have insurance with the right liability limits. You will be held liable to provide restitution for the injuries and if you can not the alternative will not pleasant. I tell my Arizona and California clients (I’m an independent Agent – Kreisman Insurance Group) liability is your best friend and it is cheap so buy as much as you can, and stop making your comprehensive and collision deductible the focus. If you have an accident and do not have enough liability insurance you are paying thousands out of pocket verses worrying about paying a $500 or $1000+ deductible.

Best Wishes – Jim Kreisman (Mexico Insurance Guru)


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